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6 B's For Every Business

Here at On Purpose Marketing, we know marketing can be overwhelming, but with these six "Be's", you can easily grow your customer following, increase your sales, and smash your goals!

1- Be consistent. Consistency costs nothing, and means everything to your customers. Whether you're posting on social media, creating emails for your customer list, or sending a direct mail campaign, the importance of consistently showing up and connecting with your customers can not be overrated. Wherever you connect with your customers, be there, consistently.

2- Be authentic. Today's customers value authenticity and will become a loyal ambassador if they feel connected to your brand. Give your customers what they want by sharing behind-the-scenes, live posts, and exciting news about your business.

3- Be engaging. Comment on your customer's online comments and reviews. Use quiz and poll features in stories to ask questions and receive feedback from your customers about what they want to see and learn from you. Keep your customers coming back for more by giving them what they want.

4- Be Professional. Use your branding to share consistent, professional looking content. Make sure your content is grammatically correct and matches your brand image. As a general rule, don't share political or controversial content on your business page.

5- Be memorable. If we've learned anything from Wendy's twitter feed, it is the power of laughter. Sharing funny, thoughtful, or user-generated content can solidify your place in your customer's memory, making them remember you when they need your services.

6- Be thoughtful. Never underestimate the power of a simple thank you note, birthday card, or sympathy note if the occasion arises. A customer who feels valued will return and refer again and again. As you implement these B's in your marketing, we are sure you'll see your sales increase! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more awesome marketing tips!

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