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6 Marketing Lessons from Dr. Seuss

It's Dr. Seuss day, and even though we're not in kindergarten anymore, we could still learn a lot from the master of children's literature.

BRANDING - Ted Geisel knew that brand identity was very powerful, so he called himself Dr. Seuss. His books all contain familiar characters, themes, colors, and rhymes. He created a brand identity that evokes a powerful emotional response and loyalty to his products.

MARKET TESTING - Seuss was originally pronounced “Soice” (like voice) but was changed shortly after release to the now-famous "Souss" because most people used that pronunciation. This is also an excellent example of flexibility in marketing. Recognizing what isn't working and letting it go -- even if you're attached to it, can greatly improve your business.

CREATIVE MARKETING - “You can eat them here or there, you can eat them anywhere! In a box, with a fox, in a house, with a mouse..." While you don't want to push your customers as far as Sam-I-Am did, persistent and creative sales can turn even the biggest skeptic into a happy customer.

USE HUMOR - When customers see advertising that is silly or funny it REALLY gets their attention. Think about it-- what posts are you most likely to share yourself? Which Superbowl commercials are most memorable and shareable? If your brand or message allows for a little humor, why not use it?

KEEP IT SIMPLE - Your messaging needs to be simple and concise. Sharing your "why", your "elevator pitch", or your tagline reinforces familiarity with your customers. There is no need for complicated marketing or extravagant campaigns. Customers value simplicity and authenticity.

A PERSON'S A PERSON - Treat every potential customer like they're worth a million dollars. Birthday cards, personalized touches on orders, thank you cards, or even just a thoughtful response to an online comment... all of these actions will foster solid relationships that will result in referrals.

Thanks to Dr. Seuss for providing a lifetime of lessons in the most simple format. Did we miss any essential marketing skills you've learned from Dr. Seuss? Drop a comment below!

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