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Getting in The Marketing Mindset and Why It Matters

Marketing is a learned skill. It takes knowledge, practice, winning, failing, and not worrying if others will critique you. It’s raw and requires action; just like being a small business owner.

For us, we believe marketing all starts with a mindset, then you work on strategy. In this article, we will talk mindset and why it matters.

For us, the marketing mindset requires staying in the creative and only sharing our story in our language. We are constantly sourcing information and finding inspiration from our mentors worldwide. When we share our gifts/offerings with the world we do it in a way that shows the fire in our hearts with the confidence we have in our products and services. We frame marketing with information, the problem we solve for our clients, and we share it in the most authentic, real, and sincere voice we have through the channels we are (mostly) comfortable with. (We say mostly because we do stretch ourselves and like getting out of our comfort zone but not to a point of fight, flight, or freeze.)

The most efficient marketing mindset always starts with being in an uplifted mood; a mood in which you feel inspired, abundant, excited about your solution, operating from win-win, genuine, and clear. When you share from a place of richness your message is far easier received and embraced; it resonates with your audience.

When you are speaking from a place of deficit, it shows. Never force yourself to do marketing. Do it when you have the time, energy, space, and desire. This alone will set you up for successful marketing and the free flow of ideas. It makes it enjoyable and you will feel assured in what you put out.

Why marketing matters; as a society, we love stories. We love passion. And we love solutions. Additionally, we are moving so fast, without consistent exposure and recognizable branding, we are likely to be overlooked and/or forgotten. To attract and retain the attention of your audience you must add value, speak to them like the sale doesn’t matter, and in the way you best communication, and on platforms where they hang out. Whether you are most comfortable in person, by phone, by text, by email, or one of the millions of other ways you can share, maximize your exposure on that medium.

In the end, marketing is all about setting yourself up for success, finding your audience, sharing your message in the way you best communicate, being consistent, and adding value. What does that look like to you?

We would love to hear your thoughts, your content creating and sharing hacks, and where you might be getting caught up in getting your message out to the world!

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