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One Day You Wake Up....

It’s amazing, one day you wake up and you realize that you’re in complete control. That the hours you keep, the calls you answer, the exchange you accept for your gifts, and the responsibility of all of it is yours, just yours.

It’s sometimes liberating and sometimes terrifying. It’s rewarding and hard. It’s heart bursting and heart breaking. It’s real life and real conscious work.

In the best cases of work/life alignments, it’s energizing. It fills your heart with fire. It makes you want to jump out of bed each morning. It makes it easy to share with others. It doesn’t feel like selling, it doesn’t feel like a hustle, and it doesn’t feel like a have to but a want to.

And then bam, out of left field, a pandemic hits; a health crisis takes you offline; a person close to you has an addiction/accident/life-threatening illness and that takes all your sleep hours; you lose a key employee; and the list can go on and on but business doesn’t stop...You find yourself having to make choices, hard choices. Where do you put your energy? Who do you call in for support? Do you know what support you need to explain it to others? Are you comfortable being vulnerable and asking? Is your life team set up? Do you know what makes you your most resilient? How do you play this new game, taking care of your business and your personal life?

I invite you to take some time to reflect this week and really listen to yourself. Explore what’s in alignment, what’s out of alignment, what’s functional, what’s dysfunctional, and then look at solutions for the misalignments and dysfunctions. Source them out, let them go, admit you don’t love those parts, and find more freedom and love in your work.

Abundances will follow if you take the chance and have faith in this process.

Should you find yourself needing help with your strategy and/or breaking down the choices, schedule a call with us!

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