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There's no going back.....

Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, all the ould’ves have passed and now as individuals and entities, we need to think about what re-emergence looks like. Will we and will society hit the roads, stores, workplaces, daycares, bars, events like nothing ever happened? That’s’ uncertain, so what is your plan as an individual and as a contributor to society and the financial system we operate in? Do you have a plan? Is your plan based on facts, emotions, or opinions? Do you have metrics in your plan?

Catch phrases like pivoting, new normal, phased reopening, support local, upping your game, survive and thrive, safe at home, outside the box, etc. have taken on whole new meanings and alignment to what your audience is feeling and hearing is critical for the new way of life and business, post pandemic. Although this modern day crisis has brought out lots of unknowns and lots of questions about the future, it has also brought out many beautiful things like appreciation for teachers, appreciation for stay at home parents, appreciation for the local mom and pop businesses, appreciation for the places that serve us our essentials, appreciation for our health care professionals, appreciation for the places that bring us together and create connection, and appreciation for our loved ones and the loved ones of others. Serving your audiences with these appreciations in mind can help bring you into congruence.

History shows us, that in all shifts there are opportunities. Right now, you have the opportunity to completely reinvent, realign, and relaunch and even though this could be done anytime, any day, any second at this moment many are digging in and rising up. In times of uncertainty, doubt, and unrest many will look at ways to bring back to certainty, reevaluate the plan, and realign to the new norm. This is often referred to the transformation cycle and associated with upset. Welcome into the cycle friends!

In this transformation period, we invite you to think about that following, are you living your dream? Do the people around you and those you employ share your passion? Does your business support your life? Does your business have a compelling story, and do you share it? Are your communications and branding on point? Are you being a thought leader? Are you prepared for the new wave of business? Are you and your employees bringing your a-game?

We are in this together and together we will rise (or fall.) We would love to rise with you; share stories, share experiences, share lessons, share victories, share in all that makes us entrepreneurs and the backbone of the American society.

Please like, follow, comment, share, email us and let’s get radically honest and in our flow!

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